Cleaning the Brzesko Jewish cemetery

In spring 2015 we’ve started taking care of the new Jewish cemetery located at Czarnowiejska street: as a group of volunteers, often with the help of  students from 2 local schools, we regularly cut bushes and self-seeding trees, mow grass and collect garbage.

01 Cleaning the cemetery, 2022

In 2022, as in previous years, we regularly took care of the Brzesko new Jewish cemetery. From the beginning of May to the end of October, we organized cleaning the cemetery 6 different times. These events were attended by many...

02 Cleaning the cemetery, 2021

We've been regularly taking care of the Jewish cemetery in 2021. Major cleanings took place on May 4, June 2 and June 16. I'm deeply moved to share with you that over 90 students from 3 Brzesko schools joined us...

03 Cleaning the cemetery, 2015-2020

When we first started taking care of the Brzesko Jewish cemetery in April 2015, most of the area was covered with bushes and it was only possible to walk down the main alley leading to the ohels. We had neither...

04 Cleaning the cemetery: September-October 2019

Within approximately 6 weeks, we were at the cemetery 3 times.  In the beginning 0f September there were 7 of us, and we were working from late morning till 7 pm. It was very hot, but we managed to do...

05 Cleaning the cemetery, June 2016

Eight people spent good several house on June 12, 2016 cleaning the new Jewish cemetery at Czarnowiejska street. Below you can see the results of our work. Cutting young trees, picking up garbage Several matzevot which became visible after we...

06 Cleaning the Brzesko Jewish cemetery 2016, May 2016

Back in 2015 almost entire cemetery was covered with high bushes. Within 2 years we managed to clean greater part of its territory. We were first coming to Brzesko with a gorup of friends from Kraków, but gradually Brzesko residents...