14.10.2019 | Redaktor

Cleaning the cemetery: September-October 2019

Within approximately 6 weeks, we were at the cemetery 3 times.

 In the beginning 0f September there were 7 of us, and we were working from late morning till 7 pm. It was very hot, but we managed to do a lot. We gathered some garbage (and I’m very happy that there wasn’t much trash to collect), cut regrowing young trees, gathered some dry branches and mowed about 0.7 ha of the cemetery (half of its territory), also those difficult small spots between matzevot.

Several days prior to the March of Remembrance a group of Brzesko high school students together with their teacher (and member of our Association) Bernadeta StyczeĹ„ cleaned the area around the mass graves at the  cemetery.

And on October 13 we took care of another part of the cemetery. Bushes that we had cut in spring 2018, have grown up to 1 – 1.5m high and had to be cut again. We cleaned substantial area of the cemetery around the Military Quarters from World War I.

I don’t remember the cemetery looking so neat and clean. And I need to say that it’s become possible solely due to our previous work when for several years we were gradually cutting the bushes that were covering the greater part of the cemetery so that matzevot could hardly be seen.