History of Jews from Brzesko and vicinity

It is difficult to determine the time when Jews first settled in Brzesko (Jews called the city Briegel, בריגל). Most probably, they were not here until the end of the fifteenth century, but they certainly lived in the city in the eighteenth century.

01 Jewish hospital in the Brzesko ghetto

Just a few days after the start of World War II, the Germans entered Brzesko. In the fall of 1939, persecution of Jews began, and in the spring of 1941 there was established a ghetto, which remained open for about...

02 Residents of the street around Żwirki i Wigury square on the photos by Schaje Weiss

Some time ago we received several new photos from prof. Charles Weiss Jr. These pictures were also taken by his father, Schaje (Charles) Weiss, during his short stay in Brzesko in 1929. Thanks to these photos it was possible to...

03 Jewish community of Borzęcin, 1817-1942

By Lucjan Kołodziejski.        Today, there are no Jews in Borzęcin. Only empty houses remained, full of new people. These houses are the last witnesses of their presence. Holocaust meant  extermination of Jews and their culture also in Borzęcin. Few...

04 Jewish members of Brzesko City Council, 1927

Poles and Jews lived in Brzesko together for several hundred years. Already in 1837, Jews constituted two-thirds of the city's population (734 Catholics vs 1,452 Israelites), and such proportions remained until 1912 (1108/2743). later the relative number of Jews began...

05 Short history of Brzesko Jews

Based on the book „Jewish cemetery in Brzesko” by Iwona Zawidzka, Brzesko, 2001; used with permission from the author and the publishing house  It is difficult to determine the time when Jews first settled in Brzesko (Jews called the city...