12.06.2016 | Redaktor

Cleaning the cemetery, June 2016

Eight people spent good several house on June 12, 2016 cleaning the new Jewish cemetery at Czarnowiejska street. Below you can see the results of our work.

Cutting young trees, picking up garbage
Several matzevot which became visible after we had cleaned part of the cemetery
Some matzevot fell down long ago and became completely covered with ivy so that it’s difficult even to guess that there is matzeva hidden somewhere under such a green mound
Matzeva which had been hidden under a layer of ivy from the previous picture.
Part of the cemetery which we managed to clean
A lot of work is still in front of us!
Having finished our work, we lit a candle by the the monument to Jews murdered in June 1942.
Pile of young trees cut during several hours of our work.