06.06.2022 | Redaktor

Cleaning the cemetery, 2021

We’ve been regularly taking care of the Jewish cemetery in 2021. Major cleanings took place on May 4, June 2 and June 16. I’m deeply moved to share with you that over 90 students from 3 Brzesko schools joined us in June.  

We mowed the grass at the cemetery also in July and August and about a week prior to the March of Remembrance we cleaned the Jewish cemetery together with over 60 Brzesko students. Couple of days later the City administration sent a team to help us mow the grass. Due to that the entire 1.41 hectares of the cemetery looked neat and clean for our commemorative events. Just have a look at some of the photos taken in 2021.

That’s what the cemetery looks like after about a month of not mowing the grass
The same area of the cemetery several hours later

The next photos show some of the volunteers cleaning the cemetery and the effects of their work.

The tombstone on the right has already been washed and cleaned, the one on the left – not yet

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