24.07.2021 | Redaktor
Munz family from Jadowniki

The Jewish Müntz family (their name was also spelled as Minz) lived in Brzesko, Jadowniki and Nowy Wiśnicz. Mrs Anna Brzyska researched the history of Berisch Minz’s sons born in Jadowniki. The younger brother was Gerszon Szmuel Minz (born 1876), who after some time moved to Brzesko. The older brother, Wolf Minz (born 1872), stayed […]

19.07.2021 | Redaktor
Mordechaj Dawid Brandstaetter

Mordechaj (Markus) Dawid Brandstatter was born in a tenement house in the Brzesko Market Square  in 1842. He was the son of a wealthy merchant, Chaskel Brandstatter. He attended rabbi Landau’s cheder, and later studied with the rabbi in Limanowa. In 1858 he married Sprinze Dawid, daughter of Abraham and Golda, born in 1839, and […]

17.07.2021 | Redaktor
Brzesko in 1929

Piotr Duda from the Brzesko municipal culture center has created extraordinary videos based on the 1929 photos by Schaje (Charles) Weiss. Old buildings, faces of people selling and buying things, families gathered together, curious of the man making pictures… It’s painful to think that so many of them perished a decade later in the Holocaust.

17.01.2021 | Redaktor
Henoch Klapholz and his family

I would like to share today the story of Henoch Klapholz, who was one of the most outstanding persons in Brzesko history. In December 2020, great-grandson of Henoch, prof. Henry Klapholz, found several old photos, one of which most likely portrays Henoch Klapholz. Henoch Klapholz, son of Jukel and Liebe, was born in Nowy Sącz […]

08.01.2021 | Redaktor
Lucia Weitzman and her Brzesko ancestors

It will be a long and very touching story about the Berl-Weiss-Gutfreund family of Brzesko and their extraordinary descendant,  Lucia Weitzman. Chaim Berl/Gutfreund was born in Brzesko on June 17, 1879 as the second child of Jeruchem Gutfreund and Chaja Berl. At that time, the family lived  in a small wooden house # 184 at […]

11.12.2020 | Redaktor
Kohane-Hamelsdorf-Manheimer family

Here is  another story of a large Jewish family who used to live in various cities of Brzesko and Bochnia poviats. Nowy Wiśnicz – now a small town in Bochnia area – has existed since at least the 13th century, and the first documents related to Wiśnicz Jewish community date back to the turn of […]

11.12.2020 | Redaktor
Templer family

Not so long ago, Arolsen Archive has made some of its collections available on-line, and today I will share information which made it possible to recreate the history of the Templers, who lived in Brzesko at least from the end of the 18th century and, as it turned out, were related to Kohane-Manheimer family (there […]

30.11.2020 | Redaktor
Dov Landau: my Brzesko

Finally I can share with you something absolutely unique – the film by Mateusz Kudła “Dov Landau: my Brzesko”. Mr. Landau turned 92 in August; he is the only living Holocaust survivor from Brzesko. In May and June 2019 we (myself, Mateusz Kudła and cameraman Łukasz Herod) spent good several hours In Brzesko together with […]

25.10.2020 | Redaktor
Monument at the grave of the murdered Jewish family

On Sunday, October 18, 2020 we unveiled the monument on the grave of a Jewish family murdered during the war in Poręba Spytkowska forest. Due to the general epidemiological situation, we could not organize a major ceremony. But although there were only a handful of us, we did what was the most important: we commemorated […]

04.10.2020 | Redaktor
Project “We know your names” IV edition, September 2020

The closing ceremony of the 4th edition of “We know your names” project dedicated to commemoration of the pre-war Jewish community of Brzesko and vicinity, took place in Brzesko on September 29, 2020. The project under the patronage of the Brzesko mayor Tomasz Latocha was co-organized by the Municipal Cultural Center and the Association “Memory […]