04.03.2023 | Redaktor
Genowefa Smajdo from Borzęcin

Rachel (Rozalia) Schrank (later Anna Bratko, 1922-1995) was born in Borzecin as the daughter of Szymon Schrank and Erna née Sattler. She had an older sister Bluma (1917-2008) and a younger brother Maks (Marian,1925-1942). Her father Szymon died in a hospital in Tarnow in 1936 at the age of 48; her mother Erna (born in […]

27.02.2023 | Redaktor
The beginnings of the history of Jews in Brzesko

This small article dedicated to the beginning of Jewish settlement in Brzesko, was written on the basis of  2 sources: (1) the book “Brzesko. The History of the Town and the Region” (in Polish, “Brzesko. Dzieje miasta i regionu”), a collective study edited by F. Kiryk and Jan Lach, Brzesko, 2006 and (2) “Metryka Józefińska” […]

05.02.2023 | Redaktor
Vogelhut-Brodman family

Some time ago, Mrs Marilyn Fish contacted our Association. Her great-grandparents, Jonas and Chawa Bluma Vogelhut, lived in Brzesko, but several of their children emigrated to the USA in the 1920s avoiding death in the Shoah. Several days of intensive communication with Marilyn and genealogical research allowed to recreate at least part of the history […]

04.02.2023 | Redaktor
Cleaning the cemetery, 2022

In 2022, as in previous years, we regularly took care of the Brzesko new Jewish cemetery. From the beginning of May to the end of October, we organized cleaning the cemetery 6 different times. These events were attended by many people: teachers and students from three Brzesko schools took (all together oved 120 people from […]

01.02.2023 | Redaktor
Meeting at Brzesko school

On January 26, the teacher Dorota Pstrąg, member of the “Memory and Dialogue. Common History” Association, organized a meeting of 8th grade students of her school with Mrs. Zuzanna Peters-Musiał (who is also a member of our Association) in Brzesko. The meeting, during which Mrs Peters-Musiał introduced the students to Jewish history and culture and […]

30.01.2023 | Redaktor
Opening of the exhibition of newly found Jewish books

On January 26, 2023, on the eve of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we opened a new exhibition at the Brzesko regional museum. The meeting was opened with klezmer music played by the accordion teacher at the Brzesko music school Mr. Paweł Dyjak. It allowed us to feel the atmosphere of pre-war Brzesko, of Jewish […]

16.01.2023 | Redaktor
Schreiber family

There are only several post-war tombstones at the Brzesko Jewish cemetery. Most of them stand on symbolic graves of people murdered during the war – it often happened that surviving Jews wanted to honour the memory of their murdered relatives at least in this way. One of such tombstones stands on the symbolic grave of […]

09.01.2023 | Redaktor
Knobloch family

In the beginning of January 2022, Noa Shashar – descendant of Brzesko Schiff family – told me about an article she found in the Yiddish newspaper “Der Moment” from November 21, 1930. Reporter N. Kleinberger from Brzesko wrote about the murder of an elderly Jewish couple in the village of Żerków (it is located about […]

09.01.2023 | Redaktor
Deposit found in the Brzesko tenement house (3)

The deposit was found in the attic of the tenement house on the eve of the 80th anniversary of the extermination of Brzesko Jews. At first, we thought that maybe we would be able to learn who these books belonged to and find the descendants of these people. However, this turned out to be impossible. […]

08.01.2023 | Redaktor
Deposit found in the Brzesko tenement house (2)

History of the tenement house #56 and its residents In 1847, there was either nothing or a small wooden house on the site of the present one-story tenement house. Back then, there was no Długa street, and instead of Chopina street, there was only a narrow passage next to the church. On the other hand, […]