16.01.2022 | Redaktor
Teitelbaum rabbis

Although Brzesko was a very small town before the war, there used to be four stone synagogues and a wooden one, and Brzesko rabbis belonged to famous rabbinical families – Lipschitz, Templer and Teitelbaum. The oldest ancestor of this last family, mentioned on several Teitelbaum matzevot at the Brzesko Jewish cemetery is Moshe Teitelbaum (1759-1841), […]

16.01.2022 | Redaktor
Finder and Brandsdorfer families from Rudy Rysie village

Since 2016 our Association, municipal culture center and the mayor of Brzesko have been organizing the annual project “We know your names” dedicated to commemoration of the pre-war Jewish community of Brzesko and vicinity. During the last edition of this project, two 8th grade students from one of Brzesko schools, Wiktoria Włodarczyk and Emilia Majdys, […]

16.01.2022 | Redaktor
Kling family

The Ghetto Fighters House Archive in Israel has got 4 photos of Lea Kling, a Holocaust survivor from Brzesko, who was in a DP camp in Italy after the war. Several hours of searching in various archives resulted in finding many materials about this family, including several photos. Ruchel Rozenzweig, born in Brzesko in […]

16.01.2022 | Redaktor
Kleinberger family

At the Ghetto fighters house archive website there is a photo signed as “Szymon Kleinberger and his sister working in the family’s bakery in Brzesko before the war“. Data from Yad Vashem, Arolsen archives and Brzesko vital records allowed to recreate at least part of this family’s history. Naftali Kleinberger, son of Pinkas Kleinberger […]

17.10.2021 | Redaktor
Brzesko: bond of memory 2021

In 2021, for the first time, the commemorative events “Brzesko: bond of memory” lasted for 2 days. On Saturday, October 2, the new exhibition was opened in the regional museum in Brzesko. Our association donated to the museum new 1929 photos by prof. Schaje Weiss and the metal bottle from Josef Schnur’s restaurant. The curator […]

21.08.2021 | Redaktor
Polaniecki-Epstein family: testimony of Joseph Polaniecki (part 2/2)

This is the second part of the testimony of Joseph Polaniecki recorded in march 2021. – Was your family chasidic? –  We were orthodox Jews, we were not hasidic. My grandfather had a beard, but my father was emancipated because he was in Germany, they didn’t wear beards. There were many chasidim in Brzesko – […]

21.08.2021 | Redaktor
Polaniecki-Epstein family: testimony of Joseph Polaniecki (part 1/2)

In February and March 2021, I participated in several on-line meetings with Joseph Polaniecki.  Father of Mr Polaniecki, Abraham Alter Polaniecki, born in Tarnów in 1892, was the son of Jonas Polaniecki and Chaja nee Luftig. He married Freidel (Frieda) Epstein from Brzesko in 1923 and moved to his wife’s home town. Freidel’s parents, merchant […]

18.08.2021 | Redaktor
Dov Landau speaks about his bar mitzvah

On August 13, 2021, Dov Landau shared memories of his bar mitzvah, which took place in Brzesko in the summer of 1941. Bar mitzvah (from Hebrew בר מצוה, “son of the commandment”) is a Jewish religious ceremony which marks a 13-year-old boy’s assumption of religious and legal obgligations under Jewish law. This coming-of-age ritual is […]

18.08.2021 | Redaktor
Brzesko after the great fire of 1904

That’s what Brzesko looked like after the great fire of 1904. It’s when seeing these pictures, that one can really appreciate the work of the Mayor Henoch Klapholz and the members of the city council who took responsibility for rebuilding the town. Here is how the fire of 1904 was described in the report of […]

24.07.2021 | Redaktor
Munz family from Jadowniki

The Jewish Müntz family (their name was also spelled as Minz) lived in Brzesko, Jadowniki and Nowy Wiśnicz. Mrs Anna Brzyska researched the history of Berisch Minz’s sons born in Jadowniki. The younger brother was Gerszon Szmuel Minz (born 1876), who after some time moved to Brzesko. The older brother, Wolf Minz (born 1872), stayed […]