Memory and Dialogue.
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Our mission

We want to recreate half-forgotten part of history of Brzesko and vicinity, commemorate Jewish community, which was co-creating Brzesko for several centuries, but was wiped out by German occupiers. We trust that memory of common Polish-Jewish history of our region will help us build present and future based on openness, mutual respect and dialogue over divisions.

We started our work from cleaning the Brzesko Jewish cemetery at Czarnowiejska street, but later in cooperation with the city authorities, Municipal Culture Center and Brzesko schools, many new projects were initiated.

Currently, many people are involved in the work of the Association. Our activities include the following areas:

    1. Commemoration of the pre-war Jewish community of Brzesko and Brzesko county; sharing knowledge and educating especially young people on the common Polish-Jewish history of the region.

    2. Development of international and interreligious contacts and cooperation, in particular between young people.

    3. Protection of places of historical and religious importance in the city and the county of Brzesko

    4. Promotion of attitudes of mutual respect and understanding, especially in cooperation with representatives of different cultures, nationalities and religions; promotion and organization of volunteering.

Jewish cemetery at ul. Czarnowiejska in Brzesko - summer 2018
Jewish cemetery at ul. Czarnowiejska in Brzesko – spring 2015

Cmentarz żydowski przy ul. Czarnowiejskiej w Brzesku - lato 2018
Jewish cemetery at ul. Czarnowiejska in Brzesko – summer 2018