Financial support

Various projects initiated by the Association would not have been realized without financial support offered primarily by private donors. We are asking for your help in our ongoing activities on commemoration of the local pre-war Jewish communities and are very grateful for each donation.

In case of any questions, please write to info@brzesko-briegel.pl

For international money transfer, please use the data:
IBAN: PL 61 1750 0012 0000 0000 4108 0833
Bank: BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A.
ul. Kasprzaka 2
01-211 Warszawa
Bank account holder: Stowarzyszenie „Pamięc i dialog. Wspólna historia”

KRS: 0000774443
NIP: 8691994288


Current projects

When making a donation, please write „Donation” as transfer title; if you want your money to support concrete project, add its title.

  • 1. Commemoration of the grave of a Jewish family Recently Mr Marian Put has shown us a place where a Jewish family had been shot and buried in spring 1944. This grave is located in the forest close to Brzeźnica village. Its location was confirmed by Mr Alexander Schwarz from the foundation „Forgotten” („Zapomniane”). We are raising funds for proper commemoration of the grave.
  • 2. Memory path In cooperation with the city administration, we plan to make a memory path in Brzesko It will commemorate various places important for common Polish-Jewish history of the city. Each site will have a plaque with explanations provided in both Polish and English