We are very grateful for the support we have been receiving since 2015 both from private individuals and different institutions. Cleaning the Jewish cemetery, organization of the Marches of Remembrance and exhibition in the regional museum, commemoration of Jewish mass graves, – these and other projects would not have been realized without the support of Brzesko residents, descendants of Bresko Jews and our partners:



Our work would not have been possible without generous financial support of many people and institutions. Even the smallest donation is of great value because it is an expression of our memory, our respect for people who had been living in Brzesko for several centuries, co-creating the town’s history and had been murdered in the Holocaust only because of being Jewish. Over the past few years, we have managed to raise money for two monuments on Jewish mass graves, as well as for the work of the Foundation for Documentation of Jewish Cemeteries and the creation of this website.

We would especially like to express our gratitude to the following people and institutions (in alphabetical order):

  • Steven Buchsbaum, descendant of Buchsbaum family
  • Peter Burns, descendant of Birenbaum-Kleinzahler-Fellman-Schlachet family
  • Cizer family, descendants of Pinkas Cizer
  • Cracow branch of the Institute of National Remembrance in Poland
  • Pnina Dolinski, descendant of Teeman and Schmukler families
  • Eichehholz family in honor of descendants of Mordechai Hirsch Eichenholz
  • Yvette Factor
  • Dina Feldman in honor of descendants of Drobner family
  • Herman Goldberger, descendant of Lipschitz family
  • Efrat Goldisz, descendant of Schindler family
  • Serge Goldman, descendant of Blonder-Reiss-Solorowicz family
  • Isabelle Grynberg
  • Yehuda Hartman, descendant of Hartman-Zimetbaum family
  • Annette Hochstein, descendant of Schiff family
  • Michael Iluz
  • Janina Kujawska-Tenner
  • Dov Landau, descendant of Landau family
  • Lauer family from London in honor of Teichtahl-Dorflaufer family
  • Sidney Lawrence, relative of Litwin family
  • Lehrer family, descendants of the Fischelbergs
  • Mingelgrin family, grandchildren of Pinkas Mingelgrin
  • Richard Mintz, descendant of Mintz family
  • Agnieszka i Mieszko Musiał
  • Geoffrey Newman, descendant of the Neumans from Borzęcin
  • Zuzanna Peters-Musiał
  • Rachele Pfeffer in honor of Aron Tenenbaum of blessed memory
  • Sam Polaniecki decent of Polaniecki-Epstein family
  • Marian Put
  • Jakob Reifen, grandson of Jakob Tzvi Reifen
  • Phyllis Rosner
  • Abraham and Diane Schiff, descendants of Schiff family
  • Susan Schwartz, descendant of Kreiswirth-Grun family
  • Noa Shashar, descendant of Schiff family
  • Itzhak Silberman, descendant of Silberman family
  • Silberspitz family of Gnojnik
  • Slottow family, descendants of the Schindlers-Seelenguts
  • Isaak and Lea Stengel, descendants of Weiss-Klingenfrau family
  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA
  • Nava Waldman, descendant of Waldman family
  • prof. Jonathan Webber
  • prof. Charles Weiss Jr, descendant of Weiss-Seelengut family
  • Lucia and Mitchell Weitzman, descendants of Berl-Gutfreund family
  • rabbi Ramon Widmonte, South African Republic
  • Rivka Yogev, descendant of Kohane family
  • Zimet family, descendants of Jakob Tzvi Zimet