02.10.2023 | Redaktor

Wincenty Cebula from Jadowniki

Wincenty Cebula was born on September 28, 1922 in the village of Jadowniki as the son of Franciszek and Maria née Tyka. During World War II, he joined the structures of the Peasant Battalions – the folk conspiracy operating near Brzesko. He was involved in the activities of the group led by Józef Topolski “Szpak”, which dealt with, among others, providing food to the Jews in the Brzesko ghetto, and later also helping Jews who were hiding in Brzsko area. Józef Hudy, Stanisław Czarnecki, Wincenty Tyka and Jan Marmuł were also part f that group.

Wincenty Cebula, photo from family archive.

In January 1944, Franciszek Cebula, Wincenty’s father, was murdered by the German police  in Jadowniki. According to reports, he was shot as a replacement for his absent son. Wincenty Cebula was shot by German gendarmes on the streets of Brzesko, probably also in January 1944, and then died in the Brzesko hospital. His body was anonymously buried under the wall of the parish cemetery at Ogrodowa street in Brzesko.

In September 2018, during the search work of the Institute of National Remembrance, human remains were found near the wall of this cemetery. Genetic tests confirmed that those were the remains of Wincenty Cebula.

On September 9, 2023, the funeral ceremony of Wincenty Cebula took place. After the funeral mass in the church of St. Prokop Abbot in Jadowniki, the soldier’s remains were taken to the parish cemetery.

Funeral ceremony of Wincenty Cebula, Jadowniki, September 9, 2023. Photo by Żaneta Wierzgacz, Institute of National Remembrance

Based on the materials of the Institute of National Remembrance