04.03.2023 | Redaktor

Stefan and Maria Łaszkiewicz from Borzęcin

Stefan Łaszkiewicz (January 22, 1891 – November 1, 1963) and Maria Jadwiga Łaszkiewicz nee Wręga (November 21, 1900 – March 30, 1978) lived in Borzęcin. Stefan was a reaiway station worker and Maria was a teacher. During the second world war they were hiding for over 2 years Miriam Redner together with son Ryszard.

Stefan and Maria Łaszkiewicz. Photos from Yad Vashem database

From Yad Vashem database:

“In early September 1942, as the last the non-ghettoized Jews in Lwow were forced to relocate to the ghetto, Ben (Benio/ Benyamin) and Miriam (Maria/ Marysia) Redner contacted Polish acquaintances in nearby villages and asked them to arrange a hideout for them and their four-week-old son Ryszard. When they reached the nearby village of Stare Sioło, Stefania Ciemięga*, a long-time acquaintance, agreed to shelter Ben Redner only. Unable to conceal his wife and the baby, she accompanied them to her friends Stefan and Maria Laszkiewicz of Borzęcin, near Kraków. Although they had three children of their own, the Laszkiewiczes immediately received Miriam Redner and her son and introduced them to their neighbors as relatives. They took care of them sympathetically and devotedly—with a profound altruism stemming from their religious faith—and met their needs for no material reward. Redner and her son remained with the Laszkiewiczes until the Red Army liberated the area in January 1945. After the war, they reunited with Ben Redner and emigrated to the United States.” On May 31, 1993, Yad Vashem recognized Stefan Laszkiewicz and his wife Maria as Righteous Among the Nations