02.04.2020 | Redaktor

Matzeva of Malka Fischelberg

Malka Fischelberg, daughter of Wolf and Freida, widow of Israel Fischelberg, died in Brzesko at 1.00 pm on december 10, 1908 aged 96 (data from her death record).

Her matzeva survived at the Brzesko Jewish cemetery, although over the years it fell down. It was documented by the Foundation for Documentation of Jewish cemetery and can be found in their databese under #169 in row p2.

Malka’s descendant, Henri Lehrer, provided full translation of the inscription on her matzeva:

An important woman

Elderly and modest

Pure and upstanding


Daughter of Ze’ev Wolf

[died] 16 kislev 5669 [December 10, 1908]

May her soul be bound in the bond of life

Matzeva of Malka Fischelberg after renovation, May 2020