08.06.2019 | Redaktor

GPR analysis of the possible burial place of an executed Jewish family

On June 7, 2019 we travelled again to the forest in the neighbourhood of Brzeźnica and Poręba Spytkowska villages, this time together with Mr Aleksandr Schwarz from “Zapomniane” (“Forgotten”) foundation. We were hoping that Mr Schwarz would confirm location of the grave of an executed Jewish family with the help of georadar, and then we would be able to start commemoration of that place.Mr Schwarz has checked relatively large area and located two possible spots rather close to each other, where the grave might be. Right now we are waiting for the analysis of all the data and final results, but we are already certain that it is in this area that parents and their two young childred were murdered. Wounded and buried alive.Most likely we will never learn their names. What were they thinking about when being led to the forest? Was the mother trying to protect her children with her own body so that bullets wouldn’t reach them? What happened to two older children who managed to escape to the forest? Did they hear how their parents ang younger siblings were shot?… We hardly know anything about this family. But they were human beings, They deserve to be remembered.We are starting a new project – commemoration of the grave in Poręba Spytkowska forest. A lot of work is in front of us:  confirmation of the exact location of the grave; solving various formal issues with the owner of that land; project of the future memorial and its realization. But I trust, we’ll be able to deal with all the challenges.My gratitude goes to Mr Marian Put, Alexander Schwarz and Ola Kotra, due to whom we learned about this story.

GPR analysis in the forest, Aleksander Schwarz and Marian Put
Aleksander Schwarz checks the results of GPR analysis
The first possible location of the grave
The second possible location of the grave about 20 m away from the first one.
Map od the neighbourhood of Brzeźnica and Poręba Spytkowska villages, satellite view. One can see the ruins of the buildings where the Jewish family had been hiding; also marked is the place in the forest where the family had been executed.