27.09.2018 | Redaktor

Building the monument, summer 2018

Spring and early summer 2018 were spent on developing the project of the future monument and completing the necessary formalities. The author of the project was again Mr. Damian Styrna, and the inscription in Hebrew was proposed by prof. Jonathan Webber.

Project of the monument, author Damian Styrna.
Inscription on the future monument.

In mid-July, it was possible to commence the commemoration of this mass grave. The work was carried out by the stonemason Mr. Jacek Świegoda and his son Grzegorz under the supervision of Mr. Aleksander Schwarz from the Central Rabbinical Commission on Jewish Cemeteries.

The work at the cemetery has started: Grzegorz Świegoda mows the grass within the boundaries of the grave marked by Mr Schwarz.
Mr. Schwarz watches over the course of the earthworks.
The stone where the commemorative plaque will be placed, is being transported.
Beginning of August. Entire surface of the grave has been covered with geotextile and a layer of stones. It took us only several hours to arrange 4.5 tons of stones due to the fact that there were seven of us working.
The work was completed on September 26, 2018.

Official unveiling of the monument took place during the March of Remembrance on October 7, 2018. You can read about it in a separate article.

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