Documentary „Dov Landau: my Brzesko”

Former Brzesko resident, Holocaust survivor Dov Landau shares the stories of his childhood while walking along the streets of his hometown.

01 Dov Landau: my Brzesko

Finally I can share with you something absolutely unique - the film by Mateusz Kudła "Dov Landau: my Brzesko". Mr. Landau turned 92 in August; he is the only living Holocaust survivor from Brzesko. In May and June 2019 we...

02 Documentary based on Dov Landau’s testimonies

Last Tuesday we spent over 5 hours in Brzesko together with Dov Landau, film director Mateusz Kuda and cameraman Łukaz Herod, filming Dov. We walked the streets of the city and Mr. Landau talked about Jews who used to live...