Cooperation with Jewish families of Brzesko origin

We’ve been supporting Jewish families of Brzesko origin in their genealogical search in various Polish archives. We are also happy to accompany families when they visit the town of their ancestors.

01 Israeli students in Brzesko, February 2020

On Thursday, February 27, 2020, we hosted a group of high school students from Israel in Brzesko. It wouldn't be anything unusual if it wasn't for the fact that one of the boys in this group had Brzesko roots -...

02 Jakob Reifen in Brzesko

In the beginning of July 2019, Jakob Reifen came to Poland for the first time from Israel. Jakob's father, Majer Reifen, was born in Brzesko in 1903. He had 7 siblings; a sister and two brothers died as babies, and...

03 Stengel family in Brzesko

Some time ago I was contacted by a chasid family from the US. Isaac and Lea Stengel were planning their visit to Poland and it was really important for them to try to find the graves of Lea's ancestors at...