30.09.2017 | Redaktor

Opening of an exhibition on the pre-war Jewish community of Brzesko in the regional museum

A small exhibition dedicated to the pre-war Brzesko Jewish community was officially opened in Brzesko regional museum in September 2017.

Although small, this exhibition provides some basic facts about the history of the Jewish community in Brzesko, tells the story of several families, shows such objects as menora, tallit, kiddush cups, mezuza, etc. (it’s mainly Dov Landau who offered these objects as a gift to the museum, including a book which belonged to his father murdered by the Nazis in Auschwitz). Due to this exhibition visitors of the museum will be able to learn about the Jewish side of Brzesko history.

Especially worth mentioning is the virtual Book of Remembrance, which at this point includes 2 400 names of Jews from Brzesko and vicinity murdered in the Holocaust, and we hope that with the time passing by we’ll be able to recover more names. We could also find 115 pictures of Brzesko Holocaust victims, and these pictures are also presented at the exhibition, on the huge poster on the wall.

City Mayor Grzegorz Wawryka, Anna Brzyska and Dov Landau cut the ribbon when opening the exhibition
General view of the exhibition
Museum kurator Jerzy Wyczesany talks about the exhibition
Dov Landau stands by the pictures telling the history of his family
Mrs. Małgorzata Cuber, director of the City Culture Center, who’s been extremely supportive of this project, shows the virtual Book of Remembrance of Brzesko Jews murdered in the Holocaust.
Young Brzesko vocalists singing Jewish songs at the opening of the exhibition