13.02.2019 | Redaktor

Dov Landau meeting with students of #2 Brzesko junior high school.

On February 13, 2019 Dov Landau met students of  Brzesko junior high school. Everybody was very moved by his testimony of the pre-war life in Brzesko and his war-time experiences, especially when taking into account the fact that he was the prisoner of 5 concentration camps while being a teenager, practically the same ager as the students.
After speaking to a very large group of students Dov had a smaller meeting with those participating in our project “We know your names” dedicated to commemoration of the Jewish community of Brzesko. Students had a chance to ask questions and learn first-hand the details of the pre-war life in Brzesko. I want to express my gratitude (also in Dov’s name) to the school principal Mrs Urszula Białka and the teacher Dorota Pstrąg for the organization of the meeting.