Brzesko in old photos and postcards

We collect old pictures and postcards portraying the pre-war life in the city.

01 Brzesko after the great fire of 1904

That's what Brzesko looked like after the great fire of 1904. It's when seeing these pictures, that one can really appreciate the work of the Mayor Henoch Klapholz and the members of the city council who took responsibility for rebuilding...

02 Brzesko in 1929

Piotr Duda from the Brzesko municipal culture center has created extraordinary videos based on the 1929 photos by Schaje (Charles) Weiss. Old buildings, faces of people selling and buying things, families gathered together, curious of the man making pictures... It's...

03 Photos of Brzesko by Shaje Weiss, 1929

Short history of Weiss family Salamon Wiess was born in Bobowa in 1863 and lived there till 1887 when he moved to Brzesko, the hometown of his wife. Chwule, wife of Salamon, was born in Brzesko in 1861 to Izaak...