Testimonies of Holocaust witnesses

We collect testimonies of older people who remember the time of the second world war.

01 Munz family from Jadowniki

The Jewish Müntz family (their name was also spelled as Minz) lived in Brzesko, Jadowniki and Nowy Wiśnicz. Mrs Anna Brzyska researched the history of Berisch Minz's sons born in Jadowniki. The younger brother was Gerszon Szmuel Minz (born 1876),...

02 Mundek Strauber and Cyla Krauter, testimony by Janina Kaczmarowska, recorded in Brzesko in May 2016

"I had such a friend at school, Cyla Krauter. She was so beautiful, with long light curly hair. She came from a very orthodox house, even the housekeeper was Jewish. Her father had a bookstore and a printing house. I...

03 Jews murdered at the Jewish cemetery in Brzesko, testimony by Janina kaczmarowska (1914-2017).

„It was already 1942, I saw it with my own eyes. I was looking through the window when SS led 17 Jews down the street. Klinger family was among them. Father of that family had been already shot that day....

04 Testimony by Dov Landau (born 1928) and Janina Kaczmarowska (1914-2017); talk recorded in April 2016.

- Do you remember that wedding in Brzesko in 1935? Wedding of rabbi Teitelbaum’s son? - No, I don’t, I studied in the university in Kraków back then. - That wedding took place in 1935. This rabbi (Mr Landau shows...